Project Title : Investigation of the affect of different colour lights on the growth of Cabomba plant

Project Type: Test a hypothesis: Hypothesis-driven research

Our group of students wanted to find out if the color of light affects the growth rate of Cabomba. If so, which colour allows the plant to grow the best. Our results tell us the ideal colour of light that the owners should provide to have their plants grow healthily. Colors are simply different wavelengths of light that are reflected by objects. For example, plants look green because they have a lot of chloroplast in them, which absorbs all visible wavelengths of light except green, so leaves look green to us.

We placed cabomba plants in a funnel each, then put a test tube over the stem of the funnel to trap the air so that we can measure the water displacement at the end. We then put put the funnel and test tube in the beaker and filled the entire thing with 1% bicarbonate.

Setup Example (spoiler)


We made 6 of these setups each for the different 5 colored lights, one with no light.

We used different colored lights for individual setups to show how much air each Cabomba gives out. The results in water displacement in the test tubes of the setups. Different colors are associated with different encouragement for different parts of plants to grow. We found out that the plants grow best with the white light. 

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