4.1 Summary of Key Findings From Data
What we were looking for in the experiment results was to find the Cabomba that grew the most and under which color of light. This proves that the certain color makes the rate of photosynthesis faster. We found out that the white light aids the rate of photosynthesis the most. The orange light had the worst rate of photosynthesis. Here are the results in order from the best to the worst.

  1. White Light
  1. Blue Light
  1. Red Light
  1. Green Light
  1. Orange Light

4.2 Explanation of Key Findings
The plants grow the best when white light, full spectrum, is given. They also grow relatively well when 450~495nm or 620~740nm wavelengths are given. In the other words we found out that the plants survive without receiving full spectrum.  

4.3 Evaluation of Hypothesis
Our hypothesis was “The Cabomba will grow best in red and blue light.” After comparison with the results through the graph, it is shown that Red light (8.43cm) wasn't the most effective color of light for photosynthesis and instead came in 3rd behind the White light (13.76cm) and Blue light (12.06cm). Thus, our hypothesis is proven wrong, and that White light is a better color for photosynthesis than Red.

Areas for improvement
1. Do the experiment more times to get a more stable average result.
2. Improve group collaboration skills
In our chart and graph, the number of centimeters are calculated to the closest 2 decimal places to ensure accuracy.  

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